Which cities win the gold medal of green? Several studies have been made around the world to answer this question. Let’s see together the results of the “Planet” index of the 2018 Arcadis study, which ranks cities according to the following criteria: recycling and composting rates, energy consumption and renewable energy share, green space within cities, greenhouse gas emissions, natural catastrophe risk, drinking water, sanitation and air pollution.




3.        Third place: Zurich (Switzerland)



Known as one of the cities with the highest quality of life, Zurich was first in the Arcadis ranking in 2016. Let’s see some examples of projects developed by the small town of northern Switzerland





The city set up a project to halve the electricity consumption of its inhabitants by 2050. A new eco-neighborhood called "Greencity" is expected to be built in 2020: it will be entirely powered by solar panels and geothermal power plants, in order to achieve an energy consumption 40% lower than the average.




In Zurich, companies with low energy consumption or buildings with high thermal insulation can benefit from monetary bonuses, while the city's administrative sites already operate entirely on renewable energies.




2.       Second place: Frankfurt (Germany)





In the past 25 years, the fifth largest city of Germany has set up its own agency for energy and is a founding member of the Alliance Climate European Cities, pledging to reduce its emissions of carbon dioxide by 10% each year.


在过去25年,德国第五大城市已经建立自己的能源机构,且为Alliance Climate European Cities(欧洲城市气候联盟)的创始会员。


The municipality aims for all energy consumed to come from renewable sources by 2050. All new buildings in Frankfurt must meet strict norms for energy use and the city has invested heavily in modern waste sorting, processing and recycling equipment within the city area, cutting down on transport costs.




Moreover, let’s mention that three other German cities are included in the ranking of the ten greenest cities: Hamburg, Berlin and Munich. Congratulations to Germany!




1.         And the winner is: Stockholm (Sweden)





The European Commission granted Stockholm of the first title of “European Green Capital” in 2010. This is partly due to the fact that the Swedish capital is an ideal city for nature lovers: 40% of Stockholm is made up of parks and green spaces: The municipality has seven nature reserves and several hiking trails cross or start from the prefecture of Stockholm However, the green aspect of the city goes further than that, ecology is an integral part of life in Stockholm:



European Commission(欧盟执行委员会)在2010年,授与斯德哥尔摩第一个欧洲绿色首都的称号。有部分原因是瑞典首都对大自然爱好者是一个理想的城市:40%的斯德哥尔摩是由公园和绿色空间所形成:该市有七个自然保护区和许多登山步道经过或从由斯德哥尔摩开始。然而,城市的绿色层面远不止于此。生态是斯德哥尔摩生活中不可或缺的一部分:


The city has an integrated administrative system that guarantees that environmental aspects are considered in budgets, operational planning, reporting and monitoring. It favors the construction of housing for all rather than parking lots, almost all the household waste is incinerated and provides heating and electricity to the inhabitants, bicycles have 760 km of cycle paths, the Swedish capital has cut carbon dioxide emissions by 25% per inhabitant since 1990 and adopted the objective of being fossil fuel free by 2040.





Stockholm seems to have succeeded in reconciling quality of life, economic development and respect for the environment!




Vienna (Austria’s capital), Copenhagen (Denmark's capital) and Oslo (Norway's capital) are the following cities of the ranking. And what about China? It may well appear in this ranking in the future as the first forest city is currently under construction in southern China





Designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti, known for its ecological towers, the upcoming city will be able to accommodate 30 000 inhabitants from 2020. Not a single building will be without vegetation!


由以生态建筑闻名的Stefano Boeri Architetti所设计。这个即将到来的城市从2020年起将可以容纳3万居民,而且没有任何建筑会没有植被!





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