WeBelong 论坛 2017 

激发灵感 共同践行 


WeBelong Forum 2017 

An Inspiring Forum to Take Action for a Better Future!



Why Attend the WeBelong Forum 2017?


The can’t-miss event of business leaders, entrepreneurs and change-makers that lives in you!


2 days of great learning: Come and understand why more business and brands commit to becoming sustainable? How do they address the business challenges and opportunities? why it amplifies productivity and improves their business outcomes? How can you be an actor of change in your daily life? Their concrete sharing will enrich leaders’ mid and long-term vision.


Be Solution-driven: Benefit from the special insight of thought-provoking speakers on central themes such as circular and shared economy, social business, connectivity, innovation, mobility, “gozerowaste” lifestyle, food’s trends, vegetal leather, edible cutlery, etc.


Be a window on innovation: Discover the main trends from around the world and connect with a community of change makers.


Leaders Network: Make new connections with peers and experts that are committed to business transformation and actively participate in the emergence of tomorrow’s brands. Bring back innovative, actionable ideas to apply to your own organisation. 


More info about ticketing and registration here



More info about WeBelong here 


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