As we are taking our first steps into 2019, let’s pause a moment, out of this cold and grey January, to look back at 2018 and share with you our hopes and wishes for this new year.




Last year around the same time, we’ve shared here our belief that 2017 was a wake up call to the world and our hopes to finally see concrete actions in 2018 in order to protect the planet and build a new world.




One year later, we are looking at our previous wishes with mixed feelings; overwhelmed by emotions of everything that happened, or not happened. Unfortunately 2018 hasn’t been THE year of major actions and changes. Things have been more complex; it was more like a transition kind of year, full of ups and downs.






The wake up call is not over yet.



In 2018, climate change has been brought to the forefront of the news like never before. From the risk of seeing the collapse of our civilization making the headlines of mainstreams media to the series of disasters, fires, flooding, earthquakes that happened over the year and with the climate disruptions to blame for their unseen frequency and intensity.




These are not happy news, but they have one sad advantage. At least climate change and environmental issues are (almost) finally getting the attention they deserve. The truth is that reality is actually hard to look in the eyes. Because, only once you’re aware, you feel the need to act and this need usually comes with a price. The price of questioning our way of lives, our own impact, our comfort... And sometimes it might just be easier to look the other way. After this year, it’s getting hard to blind ourselves though. And it will become more and more intense; there is more to know and more to understand.





Along with its share of bad news



Among all climate and environment-related news that have made the headlines during the year, two are especially worth remembering.


First, the IPCC report, finding its way into the news - even though the coverage was still a bit too shy for our taste – came out and here is the essence of it:








- The goal adopted during the Paris agreement of staying below 1,5 degree is unreachable now. It’s too late and governments are not acting based on the engagements they took in 2015.


- Making considerable efforts to maintain the warming at 1,5 degree is fundamental. Indeed the key idea is that the difference in terms of disruptions that will be caused between 1,5 and 2 degrees is huge.  After 2 degrees, we are talking about unpredictable effects and lives of hundreds of thousands people at stake. 


- Finally, if we keep things as it is now, we are heading straight towards a warming of +2 degrees.


- 采用巴黎协议保持在低于1.5度的目是无法达到的。为时已晚,而且政府并没有根据他2015年的参与来采取行


- 做出相当的努力来持暖化气温在1.5度是基。的确,关的想法是在1.5度和2所造成的影响的差异是相当的巨大。高于2度后,我们则讨论不可预测的影响和数十万人的生命危


- ,如保持状,我将是朝着暖化+2度的气温前


The message is pretty clear. Climate change is real, already happening and need serious measures. It’s also a complex concept, and its different causes and effects can be hard to grasp. But we truly think that understanding it is a fundamental step in order to take on the right actions. That’s why we have brought and started to spread in Shanghai the Climate Collage workshop: to make it concrete and understandable to anyone in only a few hours.





The other news that caught our attention and really shook us, is the devastating reality of the biodiversity on earth. 60% of the wild animals have been wiped out of the earth in only 40 years, due to human activities. And some current events like the election of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil for example are not going in the right direction to slow down the 6th mass extinction either.


另一些吸引到我注意和震惊我的是:地球上生物多毁灭性的现实 60%的野生物已40年因歼灭多其他当前的事件,例如,巴西选举 Jair Bolsonaro 并没有朝着正确方向展,也没有减第六次大灭绝


We have been shocked to realize, of all the mammals on Earth, 96% are livestock and humans. Put differently, the tiny 4% left represent our dear wild animals globally.





But a new world is rising



After this year, not care would be more than ever irresponsible, heartless, and even stupid. And yes we are judging here. Because it shouldn’t be necessary to repeat over and over again that the environment is everyone’s business and that protecting it is the only way to preserve the conditions of human lives on earth in the next decades.




Fortunately, we do see a major awakening of consciousness.  We see more and more people seized by a growing desire to do better, to feel aligned with their values, to reach for more meaningful causes. The business world is also agitating. We see corporates multiplying the announcements in favor of the environment, reconnecting with purposes beyond profits. A few of them, like Patagonia, even engage in « restorative » models to reverse the effects of climate change through their activities.






While we need to stay lucid and keep our heads clear about the reality of the situation, we need to immerse ourselves into the positive energy around us and keep moving forward.


I guess that’s what we call a transition: while some bad news make us feel like we are about to hit rock bottom, we can detect signs going in the opposite direction and positive transformations occurring







In 2018 we have learned - more than ever - that,



We are on the right side of the game. With all of you, change-makers, organizations or communities dedicating there time and missions to make the world a better place. We are not making different choices because we are weird or utopists but because, today, we are the reasonable ones.  


Choices that make life exciting and worth living because they make us part of a collective effort contributing to something bigger than ourselves and for the greater good, where cooperation and solidarity are replacing individualism and selfishness.






This movement is growing worldwide and determined to offer a decent life to the generations coming right after us. It’s not time to be optimistic. We would be fools to be. It’s not about hopes either. It’s about acting, finding solutions, being bold, questioning and working together toward to reinvent the world we want to live in.






Only us can take charge of our own destiny. Utopians are not the ones believing in a more meaningful and sustainable world. They are the ones that believe we can keep destroying the planet without paying the price, carrying on a crazy run for infinite economic growth on a finite planet. That is utopia.


Although we have learned that we shouldn’t set our expectations too high, we cannot stop ourselves from hoping that 2019 will be a turning point. Spotting the good news, seeing the good in people, in their desire to build a better world, feeling inspired by the positive energies around us and trying to be a part of it ourselves. That’s who we are!





And that’s why during 2019,



We’ll keep looking at the transformations happening around the world, at how people are building movements and communities to strive toward more sustainable ways of lives, more connected to our real needs and what our planet has to offer.


We’ll keep promoting the businesses that take a stand to be pioneers, to create new models and strive toward a more purpose-driven economy looking for more than profits, giving back meaning to people and positively impacting the environment.








We’ll keep being a voice for purpose leaders that are being bold enough to question the status quo, authentic enough to make a long lasting difference.


We’ll keep supporting the ones around us that are looking for a purpose, choosing to turn their careers into an exciting and meaningful life journey, being part of the transformation, reimagining tomorrow’s world.




将会持支持在我周遭,正在找目、在选择从他职业生涯转换到一个令人兴奋又有意的生命旅程的人。成为转变的一部分,重新 构想明日的世界。


Together we will write new stories, the ones in which the new world that is being built will take roots. Where purpose is Queen, impact its child and harmony our kingdom.






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