As we are entering June, celebrating World Environment Day (5th of June) and Ocean Day (8th of June), this year is obviously very special.


The current crisis is nowhere near over as most of the economic and social consequences are still to come, shaking our convictions and reminding us of the interconnection between our health and our environment’s. 


And as we ‘re hoping for a quick recovery, recovery shouldn’t mean: business as usual. 


Voices are rising all over the world, calling for things to not go back to “normal”, for a New World to thrive. 


And indeed, we strongly agree that we now are given a formidable momentum to create and recreate the world we want to live in:


How could we reinvent our economy?

How can we rethink the roles of businesses?

How can we make businesses more meaningful to people and impactful to the environment?


What more of do we want to see in businesses and brands tomorrow? 


At Feiy, we’re lucky enough to see everyday multiple examples of companies in our network, using business to push unique vision and dreams.


With their own approach, they all have in common to focus on why they do what they do and how to do it in the most responsible way, if not with the only purpose of creating value for people and planet. 


So for the second half of 2020, Feiy will be campaigning (even more than usual) in favor of those new stories and models, sharing their inspirational words and, leading with them, at our own scale, the recovery in the right direction. 


#Itstimeforgoodbusiness campaign 2020!


Today we’re launching the first part of our “It’s Time For Good Business” Campaign, asking entrepreneurs from our network to share “What good business should look like?” “What do they want to see more of in this New World rising?”


For this occasion you can not only contribute by actively participating, but you can also win your own “New world Starter Kit” ;)


So How to Participtate & Win?


First, you can help us spread the words by sharing their flyers, spreading the inspiration and sharing your own thoughts with your network! 


Then in order to win an AMAZING “New World Starter Kit” including a range of great sustainable product alternatives, all kindly donated by the entrepreneurs participating in the campaign. 


The gift basket includes:


- The newest edition of the Bbel Magazine by Bbel

- A 100% hemp Shirt by NADA

- A set of sustainable beeswax wrapping by BeeZiro

- A zero-waste, plantable and vegan candle by Pass It On

- Coco Chips handcrafted from Thailand by gre3n

- An Anion Sponge for sensitive skin by NUDE by Korea

- Vouchers for a free company workshop on air pollution by SmartAir

- A jar of peanut butter by NAKED颗酱

- A Virtual Healing Session (worth 462RMB) by THE ANDEAN APOTHECARY

- A shopper by Green Steps

- A biodegradable Yak Milk soap bar by Yakma

- 2 boxes of organic cotton tampons by Luüna Naturals

- A bamboo kit by UseDem

- 9 pieces grocery bag by Boomi


Thanks to them all for their generous contribution!


If you win those products, you are on a mission to contribute spreading the word about them, by telling their stories but maybe even offering some of them to your friends or family (as maybe not some of them are the best fit for you ;) and then have a positive impacts on them as well!


How can you win?


1.   Take a look at the flyers with the quotes. The participating companies have shared their thoughts about what they wish the post-pandemic economy to be like, what they want to see more of in this world and on how we can make this world more purpose-driven.

You can access and download all the flyers with a VPN here.
Access the the flyers without a VPN 
in this WeChat article.



2.   Choose your favorite quote and repost it on WeChat, Facebook, Instagram…  whatever social media you are using. Together with the flyer, share your own thoughts on the post-crisis Business World or What you would like to see more in business from now 😊


3.   Then send us a screenshot to the official feiy.co WeChat account, BEFORE June 24. We will draw a lucky winner from all the participants that sent us their screenshots! The winner will be announced on the 24th!


#Itstimeforgoodbusiness Campaign - Help us spread their words!




  To download the flyers, click here with a VPN and here without. 




If you are an entrepreneur sharing a similar vision and want to take part in feiy #Itstimeforgoodbusiness follow-up campaigns, just write us a message here:

hi@feiy.co or in our wechat account directly! 


It’s time for change. And it’s our responsibility to share the vision and narrative of a different economy, that reconciles our environment and economy. 


We hope to see our community getting an active part in doing their share, at their own level, to move in the right direction.


You can start today! :)



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