Last month we had the chance to welcome Cyril Dion, the author and director of the movie Tomorrow for an exclusive round table with the change makers of our community. He showed us an approach, radically different than other environmentalists, far from catastrophism.


上个月我有机会邀Cyril Dion影明天(Tomorrow)的作者和演,与我社群的革者行独家的桌会。他告一个远远非灾性、与其他境保者截然不同的方法。



Everyday as individuals we see articles about the dangers of Climate Change. Environmentalists and media exhort us to react and change our behaviors. But according to Cyril, who used those techniques for many years, this tactic just doesn’t work. Indeed most people when facing a danger that is too abstract or too difficult to tackle tend to shut down and ignore it.


每天都看到有关气候迁危的文章 境保者和媒体告要做出应对并改的行。但根据Cyril多年来使用那些方法,这样的策略就是行不通。的确,当面临过于抽象或太棘手的危状况,大多数的人止而且忽略他。



But at the end of the day, we are just individuals and as Cyril emphasizes: “In term of water consumption individuals account only for 8%” the rest being left to industry and agriculture. According to him as consumers we are simply trapped in a narrative that we don’t control and which influence most of our consumption behaviors. Going against this general narrative is difficult and painful that is why for the few who are trying to do their share by consuming less, reducing waste, avoiding plastic, etc, there are a lot of frustrations and every faux pas results into self-blaming.






So how to change the narrative?



Cyril advises us to elaborate strategies such as what Srdja Popovic describes in his book: “How to Use Rice Pudding, Lego Men, and Other Non-Violent Techniques to Galvanize Communities, Overthrow Dictators, or Simply Change the World”. We first need to have a vision of where we want to go, which is what currently lacks to environmentalists in order to mobilize people. Then we should define step by step how to get there. It is important to go little by little not to demoralized the community with unreachable goals and most important the objective of each step needs to be specific.




们详细述策略,如同Srdja Popovic中所描述的:「如何使用米布丁、高或其他非暴力的手法去激起社区行、推翻独裁政府或就只是改世界」。首先我们应该要有个愿景去引要往何,而也是目前保主动员民众所缺乏的策略。接着我们应该逐步定义该如何达到目。重要的是要一小步一小步的展,以避免目无法达成致社群心灰意冷的情况,而极重要的是每个段的目要相当的明确。



Probably the first step to go for is to lead by example, showing that another but yet amazing way of living is possible. Even though the initiatives are so far pretty small in Shanghai and social entrepreneurs sometimes loose faith, they are creating stories that inspire others.

They are showing us new way to live and interact. Changing our relation to others such as Shanghai Young Bakers which gives a new chance in life to left-over children. But also changing our relation to nature such as Green steps with its experimental outdoor education program for kids and parents.

They demonstrate that it is possible to do differently. By inventing new technologies, such as Enwise which produces electricity out of food waste or Leautus Technology a revolutionary filtering device aiming at providing clean water to the largest number. Or they simply change the existing model such as Goma Greens, which supports another agriculture, respecting the land and the farmers.



在向我新的生活和互方式。如同海上青焙坊(Shanghai Young Bakers)改了我人与人之的关系,忘的孩子提供新的生活机会 绿梯(Green steps)也藉由孩童和家长们实验行教育程中来改和自然的关系。

们证明了不同做法的可行性。藉由明新科技,就如同Enwise将厨余转换能;Leautus Technology 有革命性的过滤装置,旨在提供人类洁净的水。又或是单纯变有的模,如同果Goma Greens),支持另一农业:尊重土地和民。




As those communities grow they will become movements and encourage official institutions to follow the lead.




A great example is given in Tomorrow with the zero waste program in San Francisco. The city recycles and composts the garbage to avoid landfill. As Cyril says, ironically, the mayor was not that enthusiastic with the project at first, but he soon discovered that it was a major advertisement for his city and he now travels around the world and walk the talk. He proved that an alternative is possible to linear economy without being a hassle and while improving the life of his citizens.


影明天(Tomorrow)的旧金山(San Francisco)零浪费计画是个非常好的例子。个城市将垃圾回收并堆肥以防止垃圾填埋。而如同 Cyril所言,刺地,市长对这样划起初并不感到衷。不他很快地了解到是个宣他的城市的主要广告。因此他在坐而言,起而行,到世界各地去。他明了线经济的替代方案的可行性并不会麻,而同也改能改善市民的生活。



But in China the key for those initiatives to get institutionalized is to be taken over by locals. Few years ago Alizée from Zer0 waste Shanghai was one of the pioneers to introduce Zero Waste concept in Shanghai. Today she is proud to see that: “there are local actors, such as Zero waste Beijing, that are growing and doing an amazing job at influencing local communities”. In Shanghai a local platform has grown out, ShanHaaiJing, which promotes swapping of luxury, items to fashion addicts. Their slogan: “shop killer stuff without killing the environment.”


但是在中国,要将些初步的倡制度化最关的就是交由当地人接管。几年前,Zer0 waste Shanghai Alizée是其中一位将零浪念介绍给上海的先。今天她非常的自豪地看到:「那儿有在地的行者,就像是北京Zero Waste,不断的增并在影响在地社区有相当杰出的表」。一个在地平台也已在上海展:山海ShanHaaiJing)提倡奢侈品的循 商品给时尚成者。他标语是:「在不影响到境下,购买品」。



At Feiy we really believe in this philosophy of walking the talk to bring change. We want to change the narrative of work and unleash the power of purpose to contribute value to the world through our work. We are convinced that people working with purpose, whoever they are, entrepreneurs, employees and companies can lead and change the society to bring more empathy, inclusion and respect towards people and the environment.





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