Hello! Today we are meeting with Katherine Wong, the founder of The Andean Apothecary. She is telling us more about how she spent the last 12 years immersing herself into her passion for natural healing and finally turned it into a beautiful entrepreneurial adventure.




To start, I am curious to know how did you become an entrepreneur! You are a sound practitioner, an energy healer and a flower remedies practitioner, how did you decide to leverage your expertise in those field with a more entrepreneurial approach?


Having worked in the medical insurance industry for 7 years, and after becoming a mother, I realized that I wanted to live a more purposeful life, creating a positive spirit. It was very important and clear to me that I wanted to spend more time with my son too.


I wanted to help people feel better, feel happier and live a balanced life. I was already consulting friends with my flower remedy blends and energy healing treatments, and gradually developed my passion into a profession, creating healthy, non-toxic and zero-waste products in combination with my customized flower remedy blends, that are inspired by my South-American background.



在开始之前,我好奇的想知道您怎们样一个创业家!您是个可靠的从业员、能量和花法治疗师,您是如何决定发挥 您在域的专业








What is The Andean Apothecary? What do you do exactly, what is your mission?


The Andean Apothecary brings the ancient knowledge of natural healing from the Andes (in South America). Most of these healing methods and tools were used by the ancient Inca and Quechua culture of Peru and Bolivia. Apothecary because we bring medicine, but the natural kind.


I create blends with flower remedies; specifically orchids near a sacred valley from Peru which makes everything even more special and connected to me. Flower remedies or essences is a vibrational medicine. Which more and more people are feeling the benefits of.


I believe we all can prevent illnesses and cure most of them in a natural way. I believe if we can live a happy and balanced life we will be able to achieve that. Nature has everything we need to be balanced. I want people to be able to feel good and positive about life.



The Andean Apothecary是什么?你做什么、你的使命是什么?


The Andean Apothecary来了来自安地斯山脉(南美洲)的自然法。大多数些治方法和器具被秘和玻利维亚的古代印加文化和克丘文化所使用。 Apothecary药剂师是因们带药,但是是天然的种








You are making “vibrational” candles; can you explain a bit more what does it mean and what are the benefits for people?


Flowers essence or remedies is a vibrational medicine that is usually taken orally to raise the vibration of the person who takes it. Every flower carries a specific energy and therefore can help us with any ailment we might be going through. For example if you are sad, there will be a flower that will raise your vibration to make you feel happier.


So all my candles are infused with different blends of flower essences carrying the energy or vibration of these flowers and orchids in it.

When you have one of my candles in your space the candle in it-self is emitting this vibration even if you don’t light it up. The energy is there for your space, and when the space feels good people around will also get this feeling.










What is your personal background, were you always passionate about natural medicine?


I was born in Boliva and grew up in Peru. Both countries are very rich in culture and in natural ancient medicine. I was very lucky to always have a family member around me with a natural way to cure simple illnesses like colds, headaches or stomachaches. So I grew up with all these natural ways of healing that for us were so normal. Somehow I’ve always been against chemical medicine, the main reason being the untold side effects of it.


It was when I came to Shanghai that I realized how special is what I experienced back home and decided to learn more about it to keep my family healthy. I even studied basics of TCM to grow my knowledge on how food can help us heal too.


For me the natural way will always be the best way, as you won’t have any side effects unlike chemical medicine. I love the benefits of yoga, meditation, flowers, herbs, crystals, essential oils and water in my life.













Thinking of flowers as a natural healing method is not quite natural for a lot of people nowadays... Can you share with us some interesting facts about the positive impact of flowers on our health and wellbeing?


I started using flower essences consistently, and I saw a major improvement in my wellbeing. The experience was so life-altering that I wholeheartedly embraced this beneficial modality.

Flower essences is not a new way of healing. It has been used by monks and nuns centuries ago,  and other people from ancient civilizations in many parts of the world. Old natural ways of healing are coming back.

Many traditional cultures, including TCM, understood that the mind and body are inseparable and that the health of one is intimately linked to the health of the other. Flower essences activate the innate healing power of the mind. It locates and transforms subconscious blocks and limitations around an infinite number of emotional themes. Since they are subtle energetic remedies, the essences tend to work mostly on the subtle and energetic aspects of ourselves, such as the acupuncture medians, and emotional states; Other than their efficacy, one of the primary advantages of flower essences is their safety; they are completely safe and appropriate for people of all ages, including babies. Animals respond incredibly well to flower essences, too.


Just as the beauty and fragrance of a flower uplifts our senses externally, the energetic imprint of a flower essence acts internally to uplift our mind and spirit. The essence of a flower works directly on consciousness to transform emotional challenges and blockages into personal growth. They often deepen our relationships with ourselves and all of life. These shifts in awareness can have many positive manifestations, such as remedying feelings of disconnection and loneliness. Flower essences contain many benefits that can help us shed the “old” to make room for a new and improved version of ourselves.







很多传统文化中,包含中医学,都了解身心是不可分割的,而且一个人的健康与另一个人的健康密切相关。花卉精激活了心灵的治 。它发现转换潜意的阻碍和无数个情感主的限制。







More and more people are getting interested in natural healing. What would be your advice for people that would like to do their first steps into those practices but don’t know where to start?


After studying basics of TCM I realized how old civilizations had the same idea on nurturing our emotions in order to keep a healthy body. If you are in China take advantage and take a course in TCM. My teacher Dr. Zhang taught me so much about how the right food in the right season can be a great preventative and healing tool. Nowadays you can find different mini TCM courses around town.




在研究了中医的基后,我意到古老文明在培养情以保持健康的身体方面有同的想法。如果您在中国,利用优势并参加中医学的程。我的老师张博士指我很多有关在什么正确的季和食物可以成一个大的防和治方式。 如今,您可以在城找到不同的小型的中医学程。




What are the biggest challenges you are facing in your entrepreneurial journey?   


Many people expect to have scented candles, as some people believe Flower essences are essential oils, though the two are quite different. Since flower essences are energetic, they do not contain a scent. So when they smell my candles they wonder why they all have the same sweet smell of honey. If people don’t know or understand about flower essences my candles will be just normal candles for them. Educating people about it has been a challenge for me.


Having amazing feedbacks from my clients is what keeps me going on offering my healing sessions and making my candles.


Life is energy and not so many people understand that yet. Like Albert Einstein said: Matter is Energy. Energy is Light. We are all Light Beings.










从客那里得的精彩反是我继续提供治和制作蜡的原因。生命就是能量,但并非很多人理解。如同因斯坦(Albert Einstein:「物就是能量。能量很。我都是的众生。」




Do you have plans or dreams for the future of The Andean Apothecary?


I have so many ideas for The Andean Apothecary. New products and ways to make it grow.  These candles can clean the air! Everybody should have one at home.



你是否The Adean Apothecary的未来展已划?


The Andean Apothecary有好多的构想。新的品和提升它的方式。些蜡可以滤净空气!每个人在家中都应该有一个。




Do you have role models, or people that have inspired you in your work or life?


My grandmother who was the healer of all our family and my great great grandfather who was very famous in his small town for healing so many people. Both of them are great inspiration to me and my work.







You can find more info and buy Katherine products on her website

You can also get in touch with her on wechat: kathzeim



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