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In October the special UN Report on Climate Change was released with alarming forecasts, but it was quickly buried by the constant cycle of breaking news.


Mobilizing people to fight climate change begins with winning the news cycle.


The same week the report was released, the Nobel Prizes were awarded. As the most prestigious awards, the Nobel Prizes benefit from global coverage for a week, and their laureates are given a platform for years. 


In his will, Alfred Nobel specified that the prizes were awarded for work that was « for the greatest benefit to humankind ».

We believe that there is no greater benefit to mankind than to fight humanity’s most imminent threat: climate change.


That’s why through this petition we are asking the Nobel Foundation Board to create a new Nobel Prize for the Fight Against Climate Change.


在十月, 联合国一份特別报告针对气候变化发出了预警,可是这项消息很快地被媒体掩盖了











这就是为何我们要发起这个请愿书,目的就是要 呼吁诺贝尔委员会为对抗气候变化之战增设新的奖项 


Sign the petition here



Learn more on how the prize would work: www.climatechangenobelprize.org

We are also looking for volunteers to translate the petition to truly make it global! If you can help send an email at climatechangenobelprize@gmail.com





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