Despite the brutal blow to the world economy caused by COVID-19, our impact on the world’s climate svystem continues and is expected to generate far more disastrous consequences. To ensure effective action on individual and collective levels to tackle this emergency, quality information is key. 


And that starts with EDUCATION!




今年,COVID-19对世界经济造成了残酷的打击,对许多产业带来了不可估计的经济损失。尽管疫情延缓了工业排放的增长,我们人类对全球环境以及气候系统的影响仍在继续。全球变暖和气候变化问题如果不得到及时的措施,将在不久的将来产生严重的灾难性后果。为了确保在个人以及社会团体能够采取有效行动来应对气候变化危机,为公众提供高质量的教育,提高大家的环保意识是不可缺失的一环。在此,Feiy 飞迎将在中国启动全球变暖气候教育启动项目



What Is The Climate Education Kick Off?


The “Climate Education Kick-off” program started in France in 2019 with over 10,000 student participants from the most prestigious engineer and business universities, to offer the opportunity to hundreds of students tp be trained on climate issues. Its objective is to raise awareness and understanding, and unifying education for a foothold in climate action.


This year, the program crosses borders and higher education institutions from around the globe are invited to join the scheme. 








About The Climate Collage


The Climate Collage is an educational tool based on the conclusions of the IPCC report. In only 3 hours, participants can understand our climate system and the consequences of its disruption. The workshop fosters team spirit and collective intelligence and is therefore perfectly suited for students.


Feiy has been partnering with the Climate Collage for the last 2 years to promote the workshop in China, train new facilitators and deliver the workshop to interested companies and universities.


What for?


• Treating a top priority topic and following the principle of “first things first”, the event is the best way to welcome (or welcome back) students at the beginning of the academic year 2020.

 Students have a major role to play in the creation of our future and should be equipped with the necessary scientific information.

• This is an opportunity for institutions to support their students on their way to face and tackle major ecological issues that are at the heart of the transformation to come.

















Who can participate and how?

Any university or higher-education institution interested to start the year with a high-quality workshop on the major challenge of our time!


Send us an email at thibault.gil@feiy.co including the number of students and possible dates considered for the workshop.

If you are just interested to get complimentary information, drop us an email! 









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