How to bring must-have climate change knowledge to your organization and employees?





Ocean acidification, sea level rise, or extreme events like floods and hurricanes... While these phenomena are intensifying, do you really know why they are happening? Could they even be related to each other? The answer is yes.

Climate Change is for sure a hot topic, but a complex issue to understand. As climate change consequences are accelerating and multiplying, can you really tell how your business is going to be impacted? Does your employee have enough understanding of the phenomenon to proactively imagine how your company could effectively tackle some of those issues?








For Feiy, however, it is important that companies start unfolding its mechanisms to know where they stand in the climate system and how their employees can play a role to tackle it.

That’s why we are delivering a 3 hours  “Climate Change Collage” Workshop, created by a French Climate scientist, Cédric Ringenbach,  that provides companies and employees a better understanding of the interconnected causes and consequences of climate change. Thanks to a clearer picture on the climate disruption employees gain the right skills and awareness to unlock efficient and targeted change




這就是为什么我们要举办3小时的“Climate Change Collage” (气候变迁学院) 工作坊。由法国气候科学家-CédricRingenbach创建,旨在帮助公司和员工更佳的了解气候变迁因果的相互关联。藉由对气候纷扰有更清晰的了解,员工能够获得更正确技能和体悟,从而实现有效且有针对性的变革。



It is an ideal activity for team building, seminars or CSR projects launches as it enhances coöperation and cohesion: participants share knowledge to tackle the complexity of climate change and have to work collaboratively and creatively to recreate the collage together.

In small groups, employees will learn by doing. In a fun and pedagogical way, while creating a meaningful discussion about the role that individuals and businesses can play. Engage your employees in a workshop that provides them with concrete and must-have knowledge, that benefits them and your company!






The workshop materials and facilitation are available in English, Chinese and French. So if you are interested to know more contact us directly at!




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