The European Commission's first vice-president, Mr Frans Timmermans confirmed, in an interview in Brussels, joint actions between the European Union (EU) and China to combat climate change. China has been the world’s largest greenhouse gas (GHG) emitter since 2006. According to the 2009 Copenhagen Accord, China pledged to reduce its emissions intensity by 40 - 45% from 2005 levels by 2020.


在一次于布鲁塞尔的访谈中,欧洲理事会的首任副主席 Frans Timmermans 表示中国和欧盟将会携手应对气候变化问题。自2006年以来,中国就是世界上最大的温室气体排放国。2009年的哥本哈根协议中,中国承诺将在2020年之前,较2005年的水平减少40~45%的碳排放。



Pollution is a serious issue in China. China’s rapid economic growth has resulted in serious environmental issues especially on the urban air pollution, which has caused serious harm to the health of the population and large economic losses, for example, economic burden of diseases. The UN agency has previously alarmed that tiny particles, as PM 2.5- the most dangerous kind of Particulate matter (also called PM or particle pollution)- from cars, powerplants and other sources are killing millions of people worldwide each year. More than 1 million people died from air pollution in China, in 2012, at least 600,000 in India and more than 140,000 in Russia.




The chinese population is now facing the worst air pollution problem in the world. If China acts to reduce the air pollution and combustion of fossil fuels, it will have great health benefits associated with improvement of air quality and also the reduced GHG (64%–70% reduction of emissions intensity below 2005 levels) emissions. Considering the impact on health of air pollution and climate change can help the Chinese government move forward towards sustainable development with appropriate urgency.


中国现在正面临着全球最严重的空气污染问题。如果中国在减少空气污染和化石燃料上有所作为,由之带来的空气质量提升将改善国民的健康,并帮助减少 GHG 排放(较2005年的水平,减少64%到70%的排放量)。如果中国政府将空气污染和气候变化对健康的影响纳入考量,将帮助中国转型为一个可持续发展的社会。


China and EU will take a leading role in tackling climate change, after president Donald Trump’s expected decision to pull the United States out of the Landmark Paris agreement to cut greenhouse gases. But Beijing and Brussels have been preparing an action to accelerate joint efforts to reduce global carbon emissions.





The expectation in this new phase is leading the energy transition toward al ow-carbon economy. Because both markets are highly dependent on imports of fossil energysources and represent approximately, 22 and 12.5 % of global energy consumption. They face similar challenges in the pursuit of energy security and cleaner energy. China is intensifying its fight against air pollution and the EU is helping the Chinese government to design a cap-and-trade programme (a so-called quantity instrument). In this case, a cap-and-trade programme sets a maximum level of pollution among firms that produce emissions. Investors are awaiting political signals about a future link between the two markets and closer partnership on clean energy technologies.


在这一新阶段,将能源转型为低碳经济是重中之重,因为双方的经济都非常依赖于化石燃料的进口,分别占据了能源总消耗的22%和12.5%。他们都在能源供应安全和清洁能源上,面临着相似的挑战。目前,中国正在加强治理空气污染,欧盟也在帮助中国政府制定总量管制与交易制度(Cap-and-trade Programme)。在这一制度中,欧盟帮助设定企业碳排放的标准,投资者对欧盟和中国未来的紧密合作满怀期待。




The EU has a strategic energy technology plan (SET Plan) that will expire in 2020 and they need to revisit its energy technology policy for the post-2020 agenda and to establish a policy framework to achieve the EU commitments for decarbonization by 2050. China will probably be an interesting partner to achieve that goal. China is becoming the largest market for clean technology products and services in the world. China has become the world’s largest clean technology investor and it is acting as an innovator as well, since 2009. And the cooperation between these two markets has grown in areas such as urbanisation and energy security since the last EU-China summit in 2012.


欧盟的 SET 计划(能源科技战略计划)将在2020年到期,他们需要重新制定2020年之后的能源战略使之能在2050年实现欧盟的减排承诺。中国或许将成为欧盟达成目标的重要帮手。自2009年以来,中国正在成为清洁能源产品和服务的最大市场,也成为了这一领域引领的投资者。在2012年的上一届欧盟-中国峰会上,双方在城市化和能源安全领域深入合作。


China has a goal and it is clear they are trying to reshape the world order in renewable energy as the United States retreats. The technological expertise will create the infrastructure backbone needed for countries to meet their climate goals, making China the energy partner of choice for many nations. The EU and China Dialogue on clean energy is going to a new chapter to cover areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy infrastructure, access to each other's markets and reciprocal investment opportunities, and security of supply. This economic relationship on resources, energy and climate security at the EU-China level could act as a strong driving force for a global sustainable development.




Article: Islene Façanha

Translation: Owen Zhang

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