5 habits you should get into for a better and more sustainable life 




We all think that we should love and respect our planet. But what are we actually doing for it? Climate changes, animal extinction and poverty are just the result of the bad behaviour we have been keeping during all this time.




Now, in 2017, we have no more excuses: we have to drastically reduce our footprint on the planet, or the entire system is bound to collapse.




The good news is that there is no need for completely sacrificing our lifestyle to make it more sustainable. It is enough that you start rethinking certain habits and get new ones.




Guess what? It can also be fun!



1. Reduce your plastic consumption 减少塑料的使用


Disposable plastic cutlery, and glasses are the worst example of product efficiency: they are made in an everlasting material, but they are meant to be used only once before becoming rubbish. How much plastic would you save if you used your personal stuff and - simply - washed it?




And what about straws? They become useless immediately after you had your drink. Do you really need a straw to drink from a glass? I do not think so...



Plastic bags, also, could be replaced by re-usable ones in fabric, so that plasticconsumption is minimal.



Zero Waste movements are rising everywhere and you can find plenty of inspirational stories and videos online to help you start your waste-less journey. 

*Check at Bea Jonhson or Lauren Singer Ted Talks.

* In Shanghai check Zero Waste Shanghai

* In Beijing check at Gozerowaste or TheBulkHouse_China wechat accounts

* Want to know more, read our story about the first Zero Waste community in Qinghai, China


Do you know other Zero Waste platform in China? 


2. You really need to use that plastic? Now recycle it. 你真的需要使用塑料袋?那就循环利用!


A plastic bag needs up to 1.000 years to degrade, a diaper 500, a plastic bottle is nevergoing to be completely degraded. This means that the bottle that contains your drink becomes a problem for the planet just after you have your last sip. It is important that you collect your garbage correctly for recycling and, if in your area there is no differentiated waste collection yet, you should urge your local authority to arrange it.




But we know that recycling in China is not always easy!

*In Shanghai, check at Feibao (feibaowaste on wechat), a social enterprise providing a free on-demand waste collection service.


An original project about plastic recycling?

*Check at The Precious Plastic project

*In Shanghai you can find them here: PreciousPlasticSH on wechat



3. Walk and (and ride!) instead of driving. Or share your car. 以行(骑)代驾,或者拼车


Driving can bes tressful, especially if you have to do it everyday. If your workplace is not far from home, why not just go there walking or riding your bicycle? Otherwise, you can share your daily car commute with colleagues who work in your area: all of you will produce less CO2, save money and, maybe, find new friends!




No need to mention bike sharing companies in China, this one is almost to easy! :)


4. Choose simple and seasonal food 选择简单的时令食物


Seasonal food is just what we need to stay healthy. It assures the right amount of vitamins at the right time and it is the best for the planet too! If you eat seasonal food,the fruit and vegetables you buy will not come from far away and will avoid tons of CO2, while you will save money and have a varied – and healthy - diet.





Support local and sustainable farming practices & get organic and seasonal products:

*Check at Farmonize th social enterprise that enables you to grow your own vegetables!

*Check at Rainbow of hope that connects rural communities with urban families through organic farming



5. Eat less meat 少吃点肉


Meat is one of the less sustainable food you could eat: if 1Kg of rice needs 2.500 litres of water to be produced, 1 Kg of beef will require more than 15.000. So why donot start being kinder to our planet and decide, for example, to celebrate acruelty-free meal every week with your friends? 


肉类是一种最不可持续的食物:如果1千克的大米需要2.5升水的灌溉,1千克的牛肉至少需要15升*的水。所以不如开始善待我们的环境,和你的朋友们一起选择非虐待动物的饮食。如果你需要一些建议,看看 Peta 的食谱吧 (,你一定能找到你喜爱的菜式!


*If you are looking for ideas or suggestions, have a look at Peta’s recipes:, I am sure you are going to find your next favourite food!


*If you want to know more about vegan commnunities in Shanghai follow VeggieDorm on wechat.



Translation: Owen Zhang




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