Since plastic production began in the 1950s, plastic has been accumulating ever since in our marine environment. Approximately 9 million plastic particles enter the ocean on an annual basis and take hundreds of years to be decomposed. Some people are looking for alternatives to address this disaster. Let us present you three original alternatives to reduce plastic quantity in the oceans.






1. The plastic that you can drink


We recently talked about the truth behind bioplastics in the article “Bioplastic: Miracle or Marketing?“. However, one invention seems to stand out from the others: the Avani Eco bioplastic.


1. 可以喝的塑胶


我们最近在《生物塑料:奇迹还是营销效果? 》一文中谈及生物塑料背后的真相。但芸芸产品当中,有一项新发明似乎突围而出──Avani Eco生物塑料。



Avani Eco produces a wide range of goods: bio-cassava bags, ponchos, paper products, boxes, wooden cutlery and many more. Their particularity? They say their bioplastic is safe to drink. In a TED talk available on the Internet, the company founder puts his product in a glass of water, waits for it to dissolve for a few seconds and then drinks the glass in front of astonished spectators.


Avani Eco制造一系列产品:木薯胶袋、披风、纸品、盒子、木制餐具等等。它们有何特别? Avani Eco指他们的生物塑料能被安全的喝下肚。在一场网络上可重温的TED讲座上,公司的创办人把他的产品放进一杯清水里,不消几秒产品即溶于水中,然后他在惊叹不已的观众面前将水一饮而尽。



Avani products are made from industrial grade cassava starch and other natural ingredients and do not contain any petroleum-based components. They are as strong as normal plastic bags and can therefore be reused as many times as possible before to be turned into compost at the end of their lives.






2. The 6 packs to feed animals


Plastic six packs are unbreakable and have a devastating effect on marine life. In addition to the fact that they are plastic pollution, many marine animals find themselves trapped with plastic rings of six packs around their necks or bodies. Some animals are strangled or end up with a deformed body and underdeveloped organs. The company E6pr has found a solution to this problem.


2. 可喂食动物的饮品包装胶环


饮品包装胶环无法被分解,因此对海洋生态造成破获性的影响。除了本身导致的塑料污染外,时常有海洋生物被胶环缠住颈部或身体。有些动物被缠至身体变型,导致内脏发育不全。 E6pr公司为这问题找到了解决方法。



E6pr is the creator of a 100% biodegradable and edible six packs. Animals can safely eat this packaging, if they encounter it. The packs are used in several breweries around the world, in the USA, South Africa and Australia. This is still not enough, and it is necessary to make them become more widespread, so that other breweries and shops will start using the packs.






3. The biodegradable fishing nets


Abandoned fishing nets that remain in the sea, also called “ghost nets,” continue to catch fish and trap aquatic mammals, such as dolphins and whales, before breaking down into millions of tiny plastic pieces.


3. 生物可降解的渔网





During his engineering studies in 2014, Alejandro Plasencia created the “Remora system”: biodegradable fishing nets and tracking tags for fishermen. The nets are made of a polymer with an additive called d2w in the threads that helps the net degrade in an environmentally responsible way.


在其2014年发表的工程学研究当中,Alejandro Plasencia创造了「短印鱼系统」:一套供渔民使用、包含生物可降解渔网和追踪标签的系统。渔网所用的线料以聚合物制成,并加入一种称为d2w的添加剂,使它能在自然环境中被降解,完成人类对大自然应尽的责任。



The aim is to prevent marine mammals from being trapped in lost trawling equipment. Thanks to radio-frequency identification tags, the system also helps fishermen to find and repair damaged nets instead of abandoning them.






Even if great new products are invented to replace plastic, this does not mean that we have to use them more than necessary! The best way to reduce plastic in our oceans is still to reduce our consumption and reuse as much as possible. As the saying goes “reduce, reuse, recycle.”





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